Julie Courtney
Executive Broker


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I am married to Dale Courtney, we have two children, Jessica, who is 22 and Jonathan 18. We have owned and operated a cattle farm for over 30 years. I understand what it takes to be in a self employed business whether its farming or real estate you have to be commited to your profession and to stay in business you have to work very hard and be very dedicated. I have worked in all aspects that are directly connected to this business. I have an Abstractor's license of which I spent 8 combined years working in both of our local title companies. I have worked in the lending industry for over 15 years as first, a Loan Processor, Closing agent, Loan officer and Vice President in Residential Loans. My years, with all my combined experience has been a great asset to me when I decided to become a full time agent, in March of 2006. The first 10 months I was a multi million dollar producer and have been every year to date..